About me

Matej Machacek is a creative designer working for leading brands

About me

Matěj Macháček

2011–2017 – Academy of Fine Arts Prague, painting department III. Michael Rittstein, CZ
2015 – Taipei National University of the Arts, ink painting department, Taiwan
2007–2011 – Secondary school of applied Arts Uherské Hradiště, painting department, CZ

Art Symposium:
2019 – Painting Symposium, Ales South Bohemian Gallery, Hluboká nad Vltavou, CZ

Art Residency:
2020 – Art Residency at Egon Schiele Art Centrum, Český Krumlov, CZ

Selected Exhibitions:

Solo Exhibitons:
2017 – „Restless Timelessness”, Dark Matter Gallery, Prague, CZ
2016 – “Sugaroad on the Golden Horse”, Baila Gallery, Uherské Hradiště, CZ
2016 – “I ate your Makeup”, Pod Palmovkou Gallery, Prague, CZ

Group Exhibitions:
2021 – „Mégethos 28“, Art Liebeň, HYB4 Gallery, Hybernská 4, Prague, CZ
2021 – “Absent Visitor”, Czech Art in Taipei, Artzdeal Gallery, Auction Center Taipei, Taiwan, TW
2019 – “Returns”, Group Exhibition, Gallery of South Moravian Museum, Uherské Hradiště, CZ
2017 – “New Wave“, AVU Graduates, Trade Fair Palace, National Gallery, Prague, CZ
2016 – “Dobří Hoši”, paintings/sculptures, V Zahradě Gallery, Kolín, CZ
2016 – “I ate your Makeup”, Pod Palmovkou Gallery, Prague, CZ
2016 – “2x5m2”, Paintings on concrete panels, BOCA showroom, Prague, CZ
2016 – “We are One”, Wang Kuan-Hua/Matěj Macháček, PORTAL house, Uh. Hradiště, CZ
2015 – “Ink Paintings”, Gallery Alley 18, No 5., Tamsui District, Taipei, TW
2014 – “I Passed by and Apple Tree”, Cargo station Žižkov, Prague, CZ
2014 – “Napůl”, Paintings, Gallery Via Art, Prague, CZ
2013 – “Mexico en los ojos del extranjero”, Institut MIA, Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexiko, MX
2012 – “XII years of painting department III. Prof. Michael Rittstein”, Czech embassy, Wien, AU

2017 – “Frozen Forests/Tropical Storms”, catalogue with new paintings, with Adéla Lustigová
2014 – “Chilli on ice cream, Mexico 2013”, Art Documentary Book. Matěj Macháček-paintings, Ivan Tamayo Ramos-photos, Pier Paolo Rios-texts.